What’s Your Teen Doing This Summer?

What’s Your Teen Doing This Summer?

What’s Your Child Doing This Summer?

Each summer, Santos Counseling PLLC, holds Teen Therapy Groups. The groups are for tween and teens ages 11 to 18 who struggle with emotional difficulties.

School is over and summer is here. Your teen has just finished the year and all its pressures. Exams, big projects, and keeping up with the dynamics of social relationships and internal pressures.

Register Today for the Tween & Teen Group

This is a 5-week group, that will start June 9th and run through July 7th.

The Teen Group meets weekly – Saturday’s 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM.


Group rate:  $230.00 



Emotional difficulties include anxiety, school performance issues, depression, bullying, sadness and more. The goal of the teen therapy group is simple. It’s to help your teen overcome emotional challenges.


How does the Teen Therapy Group Help Teens?


The group consists of 6 teens. Not too many, not too little. Just the perfect number to have enough space for each teen to feel that they are connecting with the therapist, me Juan Santos, and with the other teens.


The teen group teaches the following principles of counseling:

  • How to understand triggers that cause emotional challenges.
  • How to create coping skills to address the triggers.
  • Ways to build healthy relationships with self and peers.
  • Ways to overcome current challenges.


As the teen therapist in Greensboro, I do my best to support teens in sessions and outside. This means that I understand how to communicate with teens. It’s one of the reasons why I love working with teens and why the teen therapy group has so many success stories.


As you consider the teen therapy group, please be mindful that registration will be closing soon.


To register, you can click on the link below:




The registration process works just like most summer camp programs. Payment is collected upon registration. You will receive an email from me once I receive your confirmation payment to register. In the email, we will get to know each other and go over what to expect this summer during the teen therapy group.


As always, if you should have any questions please call me 336-707-1723. Let’s talk about your teen, your concerns, and anything else you would like to mention.

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