Greensboro Counselor Melissa

Melissa specializes in healing marriage difficulties, calming trauma, and working with people to cultivate purpose.

We would like to introduce you to Melissa. Our Santos Counseling PLLC office is excited to continue to serve the Greensboro community by bringing the very best counselors to you.

To speak or schedule an appointment with Melissa call 336-663-6570 ext. 3

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Get Emotional Support Animal Letters for dogs, cats, and more- Greensboro, NC

ESA Letters

Melissa helps people with their Emotional Support Animal letter. If you are in need of an ESA Letter, contact Melissa. CLICK HERE to learn more about the ESA Letter process.

A Happy Couple Holding Hands After Greensboro Couples Counseling At Santos Counseling

Relationship Counseling

Are you struggling to break unhealthy cycles hurting your relationship? Learn to stop the cycles. Address the problems. Wake up to the relationship that you deserve. Melissa works with couples that are serious about their relationship and ready to make a change.

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Gender Affirmation Letters

Melissa is a Licensed Clinician that helps transgender and nonbinary clients with their journey in receiving gender affirmation surgery letters. The process of providing an evaluation is a unique experience in which Melissa works closely with those she serves in a course of sessions until the completion of the evaluation. Melissa aids persons in their journey for gender reassignment by providing clinical letters requested by medical professionals. This is a service for persons 18 years of age and older. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Gender Affirmation Letter.

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Depression Counseling

Depression can push you to feeling less confident and disconnected from yourself and others. Call Melissa and start working towards a life of purpose and happiness.


Melissa is a Masters level clinician with years of experience in the mental health field. She joined the practice in 2019. Melissa has over 17 years of experience working in the mental health where she has supported individual overcome life challenges.

Melissa helps individuals who are seekign ESA letters for their Emotional Support Animal. She works with couples and individuals that are dealing with sexual difficulties. Sex difficulties for some couples may mean that one partner has a higher sex drive compared to the other. Melissa is trained to work with you and your relationship in learning how to discuss the topic and heal the relationship.

Melissa is a Greensboro counselor that has experience in working with individuals that struggle with anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, and trauma. She helps people search for ways to heal and create a positive change in life. Melissa values building genuine relationships with clients in order to provide a transparent approach that allows clients to learn how to understand emotional challenges and gain quick results to get back to living life.

Melissa’s practice with clients includes a holistic approach that focuses on understanding how challenges such as anxiety impact the mind and body. Clients that seeks support with moving forward in their journey tend to be drawn to working with Melissa.

Melissa is out of-network and can provide a superbill to support clients with processing insurance coverage. The superbill is a document that clients can turn in to their insurance for out-of-network coverage and benefits. To discuss payment for counseling sessions please contact Melissa.



Melissa does not currently take insurance and is considered “out of network”. The reason is simple, she wants to give you counseling in a manner that allows you to have the time you need.

Melissa enjoys working with clients in a manner that is not governed by insurance. Often insurance companies restrict clients to a certain number of sessions, time limit, and a diagnosis. Melissa believes in working with clients using a holistic approach that does not mandate having a diagnosis or being restricted to a specific time limit for a session.

To help you use your insurance benefits, Melissa provides a “Super Bill”. This is a document that can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Most people have in-network and out-of-network benefits. Melissa will give you a “Super Bill” so that you can use your insurance.