Family Counseling

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You care about your family and want to make things work. Within family systems, it’s vital to nurture relationships. To take time to create and learn how to sustain a healthy bond. This in essence brings people together and allows mutual love and respect to built.  The best relationships need care and attention. But, sometimes we find ourselves stuck in a cycle of argument or disconnection in our family system that we can’t seem to find a way out of.

We try and try to fix things. Parents try to sit with their kids only to find conversations growing in tension and loudness. Siblings not getting along. And at times even parents struggling to stay on the same page. All of this with the people you love most!

It is so hard when we want to be closer as a family but none of our efforts seem to be working. And it can be even harder when it feels like the other person has stopped trying to make things better. Sometimes this goes on for so long that we don’t know if our relationship will ever get better, and we may wonder if it’s even worth saving. We may start losing hope and becoming discouraged.

As experienced family counselors, we have worked with hundreds of families who simply get stuck and are looking for help. We know what you are going through and we know how to help. Family counseling is effective for even the most challenging relationships.

Our goal is to help your family stop conflicts and learn to get along for the long haul.

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It's Not Too Late To Try.

Family Counseling Can Help

Whatever problems you are facing, whichever areas you want to grow in, family counseling can help you find solutions and achieve happiness together.

Family therapy is also known as family counseling. The process can be beautiful and transformative because it’s entirely connected to what you want to achieve. Your goals and ambitions. Santos Counseling PLLC has counselors that love working with families.

Family counseling really does work!


Happiness and confidence.

You have a desire to help your family move forward in building a life of happiness. A life that gives the family the skills and knowledge needed to learn how to share thoughts and feelings, to manage negative emotions or bad thoughts, to get along with each other and others.

Problems communicating.

At times families find the goal of reaching healthy communication difficult to achieve. This can feel like a deep ache that continues to hurt the relationships in the family system. A parent may find that there is a struggle with communicating with their child. That no matter how many times they ask questions, nothing happens outside of the “good” or silent treatment. Family counseling can help parents and kids learn how to communicate in a fluid and non-forced manner.

Conflict in the family.

Families that are struggling to get along. You may find yourself looking back at the past weeks and months and noticing that you are walking on eggs shells or expecting a bad interaction with family members. Counseling can help because it brings the core members of the family together to address problems effectively and learn how to build happiness and navigate day to day interactions without things going in the wrong direction.

Family history of depression or mental health.

Families that have members who are navigating depression, bipolar, ADHD, or any other diagnosis. Often families experience conflict and a struggle to connect with each other due to challenges that come from certain mental health diagnoses. Counseling can help families learn symptoms of the diagnosis, ways to understand without judgment, and more.

Expressing feelings in a healthy manner.

It’s not always easy to share feelings. Even adults can struggle when it comes to sharing a difficult moment without raising their voice or saying things that they wish they shouldn’t have said. Family counseling can be the perfect environment to help families learn empathy, vulnerability, coping skills for difficult days, and the tools needed to share thoughts and feelings in healthy constructive manner.