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Marriage Preparation Course

Marriage Preparation Course


The Marriage Preparation Course is all about helping struggling couples overcome challenges in the relationship. Consider if you are struggling to communicate with your partner? Or if you feel that the issue that has taken place is too difficult to overcome. Marriage Preparation Course is geared to support partners in understand just exactly what they need to do to overcome obstacles.


This month the course has received some really great reviews and positive praise. I’m thankful to so many of the participants for sharing their story in how the marriage preparation provided the tools needed to heal the relationship.


As a professional counselor that works closely with couples, I understand that relationships can be difficult to maneuver. It can truly be a overwhelming task to sit down and discuss the very issues that have created so much hurt and pain in the relationship.


The marriage preparation course provides black and white tools that are easy for just about anyone to read. Consider one of my favorite, the tool focused on decreasing conflict. It’s a very basic relationship building tool that if properly and effectively utilized can decrease tension and improve the strength of the relationship.


Check out the video below:


The tool is a focused on creating a code word that symbolizes peace and respect. It’s used to help partners understand how to overcome challenges and not be swept up by them.


Understanding the Code Word Activity in the Marriage Preparation Course


Every successful relationship needs a code word that screams compassion and respect. A code word helps couples gain control over their emotions and practice empathy versus hurting each other.


The code word can be any word you want. Overall, it must be a word that calls attention to the situation. A word that allows you and your partner to stop what you are doing and take a much needed break.

The code word helps couples stop fighting and learn how to understand each other.


Marriage Preparation Course

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