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Relationships are not always as easy as most make them out to be. Often what we see from others, our friends, family or even on television is not the same thing that is taking place at home. Relationships can reach a breaking point or a “last straw point”, leaving you feeling distant and disconnected from the person you love and care most about.


Common problems for struggling couple's:

– Infidelity – he cheated! – she cheated!

– Parenting problems

Communication problems

– Sex and intimacy concerns

– Time spent together

Establishing trust

Are you ready to start couples counseling:

You may be on here because your spouse does not listen to you, the two of you fight over everything, or problems never seem to get fixed. I believe that people seek couples counseling because they want to find a way to make their relationship work.

Couple’s counseling can help you find solutions and answers to the very problems that you are encountering. Together, you will re-learn to reconnect by reclaiming the love, trust, and respect in your relationship. I’m here to help you find peace & healing in your relationship.

The style of counseling that will be utilized is entirely focused on finding a way to help you and your significant other come to a common ground. Typical sessions will include one on one and all three of us. In addition, these sessions work to create a fluid flow of communication which allow problems to come out in the open. The problems that are identified will be discussed together in order to create a solution that you and your significant other can heal from.

But Wait… “I’ve tried couple’s counseling in the past and it did not help”

Finding a suitable counselor to work with you and your partner on your unique goals is important for your success and for the relationship that will develop between you and your counselor. Each and every counselor or therapist has their own unique approach. When you come to us for help we will do our best in making sure that you and your partner are matched with a suitable counselor.

Just as your counselor is held to expectations, we also expect your commitment. Our clients are often asked to complete homework assignments post sessions that directly address their unique areas of improvement. Our clients are provided with face to face counseling, phone, email and video all through secure and confidential mediums.

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Ready To Work On Your Relationship?

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Ready To Work On Your Relationship?