You have landed on the self-help video page, which is also linked to my YouTube channel.

I created this page as a way to support you and the thousands of others who continue to reference the website for counseling support. In addition, I do want to let you know that many of my videos have articles that are linked to them in order to provide you with a better all-around experience.

My goals for the videos and this site are to support individuals, couples and families in receiving effective counseling tools and strategies. I understand that at times, you may need further support that would incline seeking a professional counselor. Many of the awesome followers of this site, may not be in my town. I completely understand that you may not be seeking my professional counseling services, and I’m okay with that. My goal is to in some small way provide counseling assistance in your life. Whether that be in supporting couples overcome relationship obstacles , aiding parents in blending families, or providing strategies to use when experiencing stress.


Purchase your copy of Life Without Stress is a book that keeps you from going crazy. In insightful and clear language, the author and professional counselor Juan Santos, guides you in a 20-day walk in the park aimed to create happiness and balance. You learn how to put the daily annoying stress of life into perspective by making small changes daily.

The book helps readers discover how to:

• Eliminate daily worries
• Reduce financial stress and anxiety
• Live your retirement life now
• Create balance
• Learn how to find yourself and happiness

Life Without Stress focuses on the creating a lifestyle of balance, clarity and emotional stability. There’s no need to continue living a life with stress and worry, allow change to happen.

The video below “Relationship Advice for Distant Couples” focuses on strategies that couples can implement to strengthen their relationship. Couples that are experiencing difficulties in the following areas can benefit from the video: Feeling tired due to emotional distance, problems communicating, experiencing something that right now seems to heavy to overcome, or those that experience thoughts of leaving. The video focuses on the article How to make your relationship feel free to watch the video and later read article.





 Parenting tips to help Moms and Dads blend their family and support step-sibling rivalry. This video helps parents in understanding how to support their child and step child to get along, stop fighting, stop arguing, and stop the step-sibling rivalry. Follow the link: ” Parenting your step child like your biological child” for the article that is linked to the video below.



Below is a video created on my YouTube channel. The video goes into stress management and awareness while providing strategies that you can implement in less then five minutes. I created the video in order to support you in managing your day to day stress and anxiety. The strategies discussed are deep breathing and “I” statements which focus to decrease stress symptoms during anxiety driven experiences. The video is linked to the article: Best ways to manage stress



The video supports parents and caregivers on strategies that can directly help with transitioning their teenager into counseling. Common topics discussed how to support your teenager prior to counseling, how to support your teenager during counseling, and how to support your teenager post counseling services. In addition, the video is attached to the following article (supporting teens with counseling) which goes into more detail on helping your teen with the process of counseling.